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Structural Deck Systems Corporation (SDS) is the exclusive dealer and installer of the Epicore Composite deck and roof system for the East Coast of Florida, Central Florida, and Tampa/St. Pete.

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Structural Deck Systems – Epicore Dealer & Installer

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About Epicore

The Concrete Floor System of Choice in Multi-Story Residential Construction
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The Epicore Advantage

Epicore is a leading floor system in Florida, known for its affordability, strength, and rapid installation. For over 55 years, it has been the preferred choice for various multi-story residential projects like custom homes, hotels, and assisted living facilities.

Epicore in Action

Project Showcase

Explore our gallery featuring SDS's expertly engineered and installed Epicore deck systems across various Florida projects.

Revolutionizing Building Design

Innovative Performance of

Advanced Design Solutions

Efficient Installation

This 32-inch-wide steel form is a permanent solution, eliminating the need for temporary plywood forms. It's quicker to set up than precast planks and doesn't need cranes or flatbed trailers for installation.

Maximizing Space & Design

Deck Capabilities

Epicore decks offer up to 30-foot continuous spans, with slab thicknesses ranging from 4 to 12 inches. This design not only increases ceiling heights but also maximizes interior space.

Flexible Construction Approach

MEP Compatibility

MEPs have the flexibility to set block-outs before concrete pouring or to core drill openings afterward.

Built to Last

Durability Features

In terms of durability, the steel in Epicore undergoes a protective hot-dip zinc coating, available in G60 or G90 classifications, and boasts a unique U.L. fire rating. Its closed-rib construction effectively prevents flame spread between rooms through solid concrete barriers.

Your Trusted Epicore Partner

SDS's Exclusive Services

Structural Deck Systems Corporation (SDS) proudly serves as the sole dealer and installer of the Epicore Composite deck and roof system in key Florida regions, including the East Coast, Central Florida, and the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.