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Structural Deck Systems Corporation (SDS) is the exclusive dealer and installer of the Epicore Composite deck and roof system for the East Coast of Florida, Central Florida, and Tampa/St. Pete.

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Structural Deck Systems – Epicore Dealer & Installer

Epicore System Expertise

SDS offers comprehensive engineering support for each project. Our team provides detailed engineered shop drawings and shoring plans necessary for installation. We are committed to assisting in all design aspects, including span calculations, load assessments, constructability, and value engineering, ensuring a seamless and efficient project execution.

Engineering & Design Services

SDS takes pride in owning and managing all necessary resources in-house. By handling 100% of the shoring and transportation logistics ourselves, we eliminate the need for third-party coordination, significantly reducing potential delays and ensuring adherence to your project schedule.

Shoring Installation

SDS is a certified installer of the Epicore system with 32 years of experience. The SDS process significantly reduces installation time and enhances safety, making it a superior alternative to conventional plywood forming and precast plank systems. Notably, our panels are designed for effortless manual installation, eliminating the need for cranes or lifts and further speeding up the construction process.

Epicore Installation

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Innovating Florida's Construction

Epicore Deck Solutions

At SDS, we take pride in being a Florida-based business that is owned and operated by a Marine Corps Veteran. Our leadership and operations team boasts an impressive 33 years of hands-on experience in installing the Epicore deck and roof system. This extensive expertise ensures that every project benefits from the disciplined, precision-driven approach characteristic of our military background

Epicore in Action

Project Showcase

Explore our gallery featuring SDS's expertly engineered and installed Epicore deck systems across various Florida projects.

SDS: Excellence in Epicore


Veteran-Led, Experienced Team

SDS is a Veteran Owned and Operated Florida company. The leadership and operations team has 33 years experiencing installing the Epicore deck and roof system.

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